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What needs to be set in a "custom field"

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"Name" is what others see as the title of your field when entering something. This is required to save the field.

"Description" is used to give the user a description of what the field requires. Can be a line of information about what is to be filled in in the own field out in the contract entry.

"Hint" appears as text to the right of the input field. For example, it can be a percent sign, currency code or some short unit to help the user with input. A kind of "hint".

"Type" is the data type to be entered. There are a number of different data types to choose from:

  • Text (single line) is free text, any characters.
  • Text (several lines) is a paragraph or mass of text to be entered.
  • Number is a number where no letters may be entered by the user.
  • Yes/No is a checkbox for the user to check or uncheck.
  • Drop-down list is a number of predefined rows (key with value) that the user can choose from.
  • Date is a day to choose from a free calendar.

"Required to save" will require the user to a response in order to save the agreement at all.

"Default value" is the value that is filled in from the start of a new agreement to help.

"Sorting order" determines the order in which the field is displayed in the entry of the agreement. Lowest number comes first. Tip! Get into the habit of always using decades (10s) so that you can "squeeze in" other options more easily later.

"Agreement templates" filters the field to only one or more types of agreement templates.